BJH Patient Division

Owner: BJC HealthCare

Partners: ACI Boland & HEI

Project Size: $5,300,000

SLCH Wayfinding

Owner: BJC HealthCare

Partner: Answers, Inc.

Project Size: $200,000

SLCH Behavioral Health

Owner: BJC HealthCare

Partners: Cannon Design and BR+A

Project Size: $3,200,000


Owner: BJC HealthCare

Partner: The Lawrence Group / WTA

Project Size: $5,000,000

BJSP Surgery Department Renovation

Owner: BJC HealthCare

Partner: Burns & McDonnell

Project Size: $4,657,000

The Spine & Orthopedic Surgery Center of St. Louis

Owner: Symbion Inc.

Partner: The CFP Group

Project Size: $3,000,000

BJH 6300 PICRU Renovation

Owner: BJC HealthCare

Partner: RNM Architects / Ross & Barruzzini

Project Size: $2,200,000

SLCH 9th Floor Refurbishments

Owner: BJC HealthCare

Partner: RKAI

Project Size: $2,000,000

BJWC 1 West/SNF/SCU Renovations

Owner: BJC HealthCare

Partner: The Lawrence Group

Project Size: $1,948,000

Orthopedic Offices

Owner: The Orthopedic Center of St. Louis

Partner: Gray Design

Project Size: $1,650,000