“I really like that I can come into work and do what I think is right — do what’s going to be best for the client — and Rhodey has my back on every decision.”

General foreman Jason Nipper has spent his career as a carpenter, and it shows in his workmanship and his emphasis on quality. When he can, Jason puts on his tool belt and works right alongside his crew; on larger projects, he takes more of a supervisory role.

In addition to carpentry skills, Jason’s communication ability comes into play on every project. He talks daily with the project manager to ensure the right manpower and plan out the phases of a build, and he’s a key on-the-job contact for the project architect. More important, Jason is great at communicating with our clients, because his hands-on involvement in the project means he can provide detailed information about the work in progress. “When you take pride in your work, and that shows through to the client, they feel confident in the crew that’s on the job,” he says.

Jason takes a highly solution-oriented approach to the building process, and he appreciates that he has the authority to make smart decisions on the fly when an unforeseen problem crops up. He’s earned the trust of the architects that Rhodey works with, who know that Jason has a great eye for aesthetics and can bring their vision to life.

Jason joined Rhodey in 2007, starting as a carpenter and working his way up to general foreman. Prior to coming onboard, he worked in residential construction building multimillion-dollar homes — those refined architectural designs, high-end finishes and luxury materials sharpened both his carpentry skills and his attention to detail. He enjoys working for a company that values both customers and employees highly: “I’ve always treated the guys I work with like I want to be treated: with respect. And Pam is that way, too.”