Rhodey vice president Bernie Seiffert brings his take-charge personality to some of our most complex projects. He manages Rhodey’s longest-term client relationship, one that dates back to 1990, and leads ongoing work involving more than 100 projects per year. The keys to this lengthy business partnership, he says, are attitude and knowledge. “I have a positive attitude, and the clients are such great people. I love working with them. Because I’ve been working with them for so long, I know their business inside and out.”

Bernie’s innate organizational skills and extensive construction experience ensure that even the largest jobs run smoothly, with minimal downtime for critical manufacturing operations. He supervises process-related projects, building demolition, new construction, remodeling and general upgrades, and environmental remediation — all within the pharmaceutical industry, where regulations and requirements are complex.

More important, Bernie is known as a great communicator, and he works closely with project engineers, subcontractors and Rhodey employees dedicated to the client. He knows that coordinating multiple, concurrent projects takes a team effort — one that may involve hundreds of people —and also constant, one-on-one contact with the client.

With vice president Jim Feldmann, Bernie leads Rhodey’s safety initiatives, including ongoing training and compliance, project planning and post-construction audits to ensure our commitment to providing safe site conditions on every job.

Originally a cabinetmaker, Bernie was drawn to Rhodey’s emphasis on quality workmanship when he joined John Rhodey in the business. “I’m selling quality to our clients — that’s what I push. Quality means everything for where we are today. Repeat business is huge — there’s a trust factor that clients have because of our great work.”