“It’s really important to me to seek out and provide clear information, that way I can anticipate potential problems and address them right away. There’s no project downtime, which keeps the budget in line.”

Jim Combest began his career in the trade by hanging drywall at 19 years old. To expand his skills, he spent six years as an apprentice at Waterhout Construction, which led him to Rhodey in 2007. Today, Jim serves as Carpenter Foreman on a number of significant projects.

Jim‘s professional approach is based on three pillars: communication, a proactive style and safety. His management skills are one of his greatest assets, allowing him to effectively set realistic schedules that allow builders enough time to provide the highest quality work. Not wanting to hold up any progress on the job, Jim seeks out the right information at the onset of a project and gets questions answered right away. By being enterprising and looking ahead during each project, Jim often circumvents potential problems, and should they arise, addresses them right away. Safety is at the top of his list — he ensures that everyone is following the rules and that accidents just don’t happen.

Jim’s ultimate satisfaction comes from upholding the Rhodey standards of quality. He enjoys the variety of the job and finds it exciting to start the next project, meet fresh challenges and work
with new people.

In 2015, Jim completed the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America Superintendent Career Training Program.