Andy Barrow, CHC

Gary Hayes

Kevin Briggs

Anthony Springer, CHC

Jim Combest

Jim Combest began his career in the trade by hanging drywall at 19 years old. To expand his skills, he spent six years as an apprentice at Waterhout Construction, which led him to Rhodey in 2007. Today, Jim serves as superintendent on a number of significant projects.

Jim‘s professional approach is based on three pillars: communication, a proactive style and safety. His management skills are one of his greatest assets, allowing him to effectively set realistic schedules that allow builders enough time to provide the highest quality work. Not wanting to hold up any progress on the job, Jim seeks out the right information at the onset of a project and gets questions answered right away. By being enterprising and looking ahead during each project, Jim often circumvents potential problems, and should they arise, addresses them right away. Safety is at the top of his list — he ensures that everyone is following the rules and that accidents just don’t happen.

Jim’s ultimate satisfaction comes from upholding the Rhodey standards of quality. He enjoys the variety of the job and finds it exciting to start the next project, meet fresh challenges and work with new people.

In 2015, Jim completed the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America Superintendent Career Training Program.

Steve LeBrell, CHC

Steve LeBrell serves as a superintendent for healthcare-related construction, and he manages some of Rhodey’s most challenging projects that involve medical personnel and their patients. When clients hire Rhodey to expand or renovate existing facilities, Steve is dedicated to coordinating with employees so that care is minimally disrupted.

Our healthcare clients tell us they particularly respect Steve’s conscientious, solution-oriented approach and his willingness to be
flexible and accommodating when the construction team is working around patients and visitors. And they value Steve’s leadership in ensuring stringent compliance with infection-control procedures.

Steve’s superintendent role involves overseeing construction, managing sizable crews and subcontractors, and coordinating schedules. A self-described do-er, he enjoys hands-on work in addition to supervising others. He collaborates closely with
facility managers, project managers, charge nurses, security and infection-control experts. “I do a lot of coordinating, personally
walking through the project with the client to make sure the details are covered and that they’re happy. If there’s ever any question
or any need, I’m right there on the job and can take care of it.” In 2017, Steve completed the training and testing requirements of the UBC Infection Control Risk Assessment ICRA.

After several years in commercial and residential construction, Steve joined Rhodey in 1988. He recall’s John Rhodey’s business philosophy, one that Pam has carried on. “John’s concept on the job was that he wanted things done right, and he didn’t care what it took. That, and their great reputation. My work reflects my reputation and the company’s.”

Jason Nipper

Superintendent Jason Nipper has spent his career as a carpenter, and it shows in his workmanship and his emphasis on quality. When he can, Jason puts on his tool belt and works right alongside his crew; on larger projects, he takes more of a supervisory role.

In addition to carpentry skills, Jason’s communication ability comes into play on every project. He talks daily with the project manager to ensure the right manpower and plan out the phases of a build, and he’s a key on-the-job contact for the project architect. More important, Jason is great at communicating with our clients, because his hands-on involvement in the project means he can provide detailed information about the work in progress. “When you take pride in your work, and that shows through to the client, they feel confident in the crew that’s on the job,” he says.

Jason takes a highly solution-oriented approach to the building process, and he appreciates that he has the authority to make smart decisions on the fly when an unforeseen problem crops up. He’s earned the trust of the architects that Rhodey works with, who know that Jason has a great eye for aesthetics and can bring their vision to life.

Jason joined Rhodey in 2007, starting as a carpenter and working his way up to superintendent. Prior to coming onboard, he worked in residential construction building multimillion-dollar homes — those refined architectural designs, high-end finishes and luxury materials sharpened both his carpentry skills and his attention to detail. He enjoys working for a company that values both customers and employees highly: “I’ve always treated the guys I work with like I want to be treated: with respect. And Pam is that way, too.”

In 2015, Jason completed the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America Superintendent Career Training Program.

Craig Gamache

Superintendent Craig Gamache began his carpentry apprenticeship in 2006 with Rhodey, and he went on to complete journeyman training in 2011. Today, he manages and oversees a variety of projects from start to finish. Whatever the project scope or size, Craig’s talents and skills are relied upon by his team.

A self-proclaimed “do-er,” Craig takes pride in doing what it takes to get the job done right, not only for himself, but also for the success of the project. As all aspects are underway, he focuses on three main things: craftsmanship, quality and efficiency. That focus carries through to the details, including doors, framing, wood blocking, hardware and trim. His greatest strength is his capability to handle all types of work in the field and he strives to maintain the highest standards and quality throughout

Adaptable and easy to work with, Craig’s favorite part of the project is its completion. He enjoys looking back on each part of the process, and what has been built and accomplished for the client. As part of the team, Craig gains tremendous satisfaction by doing his best work for Rhodey customers.

In 2016, Craig completed the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America Superintendent Career Training Program.

Greg Stinchcomb

Superintendent, Greg Stinchcomb has been with Rhodey since 2004, stepping in to do all types of jobs that needed to be done. Whether leading a group of subcontractors, or doing the work himself Greg is an enthusiastic and trusted member of the team. His goal is to establish a close working relationship with co-workers and clients from the start.

Greg’s strong work ethic is demonstrated by his effort to meet, and exceed customer expectations. He strives to beat each project schedule — before the client needs, asks for or expects the job to be finished. This is a refreshing twist in an industry where construction timelines and deadlines are consistently unmet.

Priding himself as a “self-starter” and the “gets things done” guy, Greg attributes his success to his ability to excel quickly in previous jobs with Southwestern Bell and Inland Container. In the past 10 years at Rhodey, Greg’s focus on customer satisfaction, providing a high level of service and building client trust, has resulted in additional work and helped to foster expanding relationships with both existing and new customers.