Our Culture

The legacy of John Rhodey, our founder, is reflected in the company’s ability to survive and thrive as a family business, even in times of consolidation and economic challenge. Since the company’s inception in 1972, John referred to his clients as friends and many deals were sealed on a handshake.

Our old-fashioned values still hold true today. Now run by John’s daughter, Pam Duffy, the company is listed among the top 10 women-owned businesses in St. Louis—a position earned from our strong core values and solid service. 

Trusted Consistency

We pride ourselves on the relationships we’ve built with our longstanding clients due to our fair and honest approach to building. Our consistency comes in the form of accountability -we don’t cut corners- and our clients trust that we hold ourselves to the highest standards for our actions and words. We take responsibility for the commitments we make to our clients and employees and understand it is our solemn obligation to follow through. We will always be honest, impartial, fair and consistent in our interactions and decisions.

Collaborative Support

We’re not just a “boiler plate” general contractor. It is our job to ensure that all projects are organized and run smoothly, and we do it by getting to know the facilities people, end users and all involved. We empower our employees to make decisions and stand behind the choices they make. We seek the best solution to our client’s construction problems and go the extra mile to participate in open and honest conversations with clients and employees alike.

Humble Flexibility

They say actions speak louder than words, and we believe that listening to the needs of our clients, is the loudest action you can ever take. While we provide tangible solutions, we understand that challenges may arise. We are never too proud to adapt to our customer’s needs so that their expectations are always met.

Familial Approach

We are a family owned business run on family values. Once you work for Rhodey, you become part of our family. When clients partner with us, they are partnering with a firm that promises to treat everyone fairly.