“The entire company is supportive and takes care of each other. That mindset carries over to our clients.”

Throughout his career, Gary Hayes has worked in many different areas of construction. Because of his diversified job experience, he understands all of the intricacies of a job site. Each particular aspect of a construction job presents its own challenges, which is why Gary’s experience makes him perfect to be the person in charge of tackling all of them.

As a superintendent, Gary is overseeing each job from beginning to end, ensuring it is completed on time and under budget. He is on the worksite every day and makes sure materials are in place and that the proper manpower is there to utilize them. Gary is able to anticipate problems before they occur and craft effective solutions if issues arise. He knows that it is his job to make sure everyone else can do their job in an efficient, productive manner.

Gary began working at Rhodey in 1995. Gary believes Rhodey’s work environment for employees is similar to his client dedication on the job site every day. “Pam takes care of her employees. She makes sure that they have everything they need to do their jobs as best they can. The entire company is supportive and takes care of each other.” He credits the family atmosphere and the people Rhodey hires as reasons they maintain such high levels of quality and satisfaction.

Gary knows that he is an essential member and leader on the Rhodey team and does not take that role lightly. He is determined to do everything he can to make sure the work he does is up to the high standards he sets for himself, as well as for the entire Rhodey team and their clients.

Continued Education

• OSHA 30 hour
• CPR and Blood Born Pathogens
• Scaffolding Competent Person/ Builder
• Fork Truck Safety and Operations
• Hilti Adhesive Anchoring Systems
• Qualified Rigging and Signaling
• Confined Space Entry