“My grandfather taught me about how to treat clients. When you hire us, you’re getting the values and the trust that come with the company. It’s not just a business arrangement.”

Mackenzie Seiffert has literally grown up with the company founded by her grandfather, John Rhodey. She knows Rhodey’s team well — and many of our clients, too — because she began working in the business part-time at age 16.

Mackenzie joined her mother, Pam Duffy, in the family company as a full-time employee in 2007. As vice president, she works to keep client projects organized, coordinates with subcontractors and suppliers, documents key meetings and facilitates clear communication among the team and clients. Mackenzie’s work is instrumental in enabling project managers to focus on delivering great work that surpasses our clients’ expectations.

With a Bachelor’s degree from Benedictine College and an MBA from Lindenwood University, Mackenzie brings strong organizational and communications skills, the ability to work under deadlines, and strategic business training to her role at Rhodey. In 2019, she became a Certified Health Care Physical Environment Worker.

More important, she continues her grandfather’s values and vision for the company. As part of the family whose name is on the door, Mackenzie takes great personal pride in everything she does. She grew up embracing the company’s values as her own, and she learned from both John and Pam the importance of building relationships based on trust and doing whatever it takes to make our clients happy.