Mitchell Anic

“What drives me to succeed at Rhodey is completing a job on time and on budget. I always hold myself to a higher standard to deliver to my team and the customer.”

Mitchell Anic joined the Rhodey Construction team in 2023 as a project manager. Within his position, he collaborates with his team members and clients to ensure each job is completed on time, within budget, and with the highest quality of work. Mitchell’s duties involve scheduling, quality control, assisting with bids, and managing a construction site.

Before accepting a position with Rhodey, Mitchell spent five years as a project manager and superintendent for a local general contractor. There, he gained valuable field and leadership experience and has worked on many renovation-related projects, including commercial, residential, and student housing.

Mitchell received his bachelor’s degree in construction management from Missouri State University. He is also OSHA 10 certified and completed the Dale Carnegie course Skills for Success. Regarding Mitchell’s extensive experience in the industry, he says that his favorite part about his work is watching the progress and seeing the finished product.

When not working on a project, Mitchell enjoys working on cars. He likes to spend his free time outside, typically fishing or riding dirt bikes.

Josh Witges

“My work at Rhodey fulfills my need to leave behind a product that I’m proud of and contribute to projects that make a positive impact on our community.”

Josh Witges joined the Rhodey Construction team in 2023. As a Project Manager, he works alongside other team members and clients to ensure everything is completed on time and within budget. This involves administrative duties, such as creating schedules, facilitating the construction process with other contractors, and gathering estimates and required permits for each job.

Before stepping into his role at Rhodey, Josh spent three years interning with general contractors gaining knowledge in site management, estimating and customer service. He also spent two years as a steel subcontractor. Josh has worked on multiple projects, including educational, industrial and healthcare builds.

Josh obtained his degree in Construction Management from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville and completed the Dale Carnegie Skills for Success course in 2024. When he’s not working with clients, he likes to spend time at home with his four-legged family members: two dogs and two cats.

Evan Bruegenhemke


“Push yourself, because no one else is going to do it for you.”

Evan began his career at Rhodey Construction in 2021 as a Project Manager. In May of 2017, he graduated from the University of Missouri with his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, where he specialized in finance.

As a Project Manager, Evan is responsible for assisting with client projects, focusing on more of the administrative side of the business. This includes creating project schedules as well as working with other contractors to facilitate the takeoff process and submit permits. He also works on price verifications, ensuring that clients get the most out of their contract with Rhodey Construction.

Like other Rhodey team members, Evan gets tremendous satisfaction from seeing a project through from start to finish. He will be there every step of the way, from helping clients get set up in the beginning stages to providing additional support in the final days.

When asked what he enjoys most about Rhodey, Evan said he likes the team environment. At Rhodey, especially, everyone is united in their efforts to achieve a common goal: complete the project while also satisfying the needs of the client.

Andrew Kovacich


“Rhodey is a family-oriented company in which everyone at the company is willing to help one another. Having the support of an entire company helps motivate me to provide the best quality work for our clients and is what keeps them sticking with us.”

Andrew Kovacich joined Rhodey Construction in 2018. As a project manager, he is a trusted liaison between customers and project teams, listening to clients and their needs in order to bring the client’s vision to reality.

In his role, Andrew demonstrates exceptional interpersonal and organizational skills, keeping projects on time and within budget — while delivering high-quality results. He is responsible for reviewing plans, soliciting subcontractor bids, awarding contracts, and managing the schedule and budget throughout the duration of the project. Such projects include lab renovations, concrete paving removal, replacement and excavation, concrete storm piping installation, and MEPFP upgrades for university labs, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities.

Andrew received his bachelor’s degree in Construction Management from Missouri State University in 2018. He also became a Certified Health Care Physical Environment Worker in 2019, enabling him to provide a further understanding of the needs and regulations of clients in healthcare facilities. In 2023, he completed his certification for Dale Carnegie Skills for Success.

A St. Louis Blues Hockey and Cardinals Baseball fan, Andrew often spends his free time golfing and playing hockey. He also enjoys traveling with his family and friends.